Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So here we are Thanksgiving week.  Still recovering from surgery which is going fairly well with the hiccup of either having the stomach bug or reacting to the radioactive dye injection. That really was quite unpleasant as you can all imagine, but I am feeling much better now. So to keep on a positive note while we wait for more news I thought it was appropriate to write a list of the things I am thankful for in all of this.

-Having a wonderful husband and young kids. I am so distracted by them that it takes my mind off of just being someone with cancer, and reminds me that first I am a wife and mother.

-Of course my wonderful family and friends who have done so much! Especially the survivors or "pink warriors" if you will that have called and sent cards and have offered so much support that can only come from someone who has been there!

- The ability to read other blogs from young women with breast cancer and all of the breast cancer support out there, it is incredible!

- The sun came through the clouds today as we were on our way out of the doctors office, only for a few minutes, but it was enough.

- Jokes, laughter, especially the fact that I have a list of inappropriate breast cancer jokes that I might share with you sometime if I can get up the guts to do it, but in the mean time I am keeping some of the adults in my life entertained.

- I have the best motivation to exercise, and eat well. I mean seriously? Oh I am just running to get away from cancer...yada yada...I probably won't have a problem keeping up with exercise once I recover! I love exercise, but have a hard time prioritizing it, now it will be different.

-Every moment with my kids, the good, the bad, the ugly. I am not perfect and this won't make me perfect, but I will cherish them more than ever (tears...I have been quite weepy today).

- Ok, I am just gonna say it, fake boobs! It really does make you feel better about the whole thing, at least I do! It was bad enough that I cut my hair short a couple of weeks ago, and then this! My dad asked how I was feeling and I said "Like a boy!" Don't worry I was laughing!

-Now I am going to give the American Cancer Society props. They offer free makeup, wigs, and makeovers for chemo patients. That is going to be nice because I do like the makeup and girly stuff. Plus...if anyone needs to know how to make fake eyebrows I will be your girl!!

- Of course, I am thankful as you all know to my awesome God who has given me the ability to take this both seriously and humorously, after all he made me so we know He has a sense of humor! My faith is carrying me. I am on a raft on the rapids but it is anchored securely and I am not going to stray from that!

So, that feels better to get that all off my chest (no pun intended)! Happy Thanksgiving and please hold your families close, don't stress, enjoy it and every moment! Also check out Alissa's blog on Thanksgiving- she is doing Thankfulness stories all day and mine will be posted at 1 havestrollerwilltravel.com.


  1. Love you and prayers for smooth months ahead. Having worked for a surgeon who did fake boobs (tatooed nipples even!) I can say that all the fake boobs I saw were not too shabby. Some better than the saggy real ones I saw (!!!).

  2. U r such an inspiration, I truly cry every time I read your posts...... BTW, the short haircut made u look like a hot, hip mama! :) u r beautiful.....inside and out!

  3. Who needs them anyway? All you need is a Victoria's Secret push up bra!

  4. Love your thankful list! It does make you appreciate everything else in your life that much more! Way to stay positive Al!!!! Sara

  5. Hooray for fake boobs ;) Is Nate ever so kindly offering his suggestions in that department??? Seriously though you as always amaze me, your spirit and attitude are refreshing and inspiring!

  6. He he. Glad you all enjoy my ramblings!

  7. Hannah- Didn't know you did that! I will have to pick your brain a bit- and yes, all of my pink prayer warriors have informed me that they are now better than ever!

    Teresa- have to say that although, yes this is just a body, I loved the purpose my breasts served when they did. I am a big proponent of nursing babes, which I did with all three of mine and I highly recommend it! I have such precious memories to hold onto.

    Also- the bible gets a bit sexy in Song of Solomon and Proverbs about the purpose of breasts, you know, enough to make you blush for sure! Every godly man out there sends up a little prayer of thanks that Solomon went ahead and wrote about the importance of breasts and the "purpose" they serve for husbands! It is in the bible afterall!

    Proverbs 5:19 As a loving deer and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; and always be enraptured with her love. (At all times, really??!!) Every woman is sure to thank Solomon as well ;-)

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  9. Can you tell I'm the mom of a bunch of kids(one who might be getting a job in Florida)-I am just getting a chance to read whats on this site. I have to say my heart has been touched and yes it feels good to say what is on your heart. I love you Alison and am glad you have included me on your ride through this site. I am behind you one hundred percent. I hope I won't be a week behind you. Hopefully, I can stay on top of your notes. You have to let me know what I missed in the previous note. Don't hold back.

  10. Well we never know what we are going to face as mothers and there isn't a day that I don't hand over to God (even just in the day to day before breast cancer!) Pat- I am glad you are following! We can do all things though Him! Oh, I just removed something that I mis-posted (there are dangers in blogging!)

  11. Alison,
    Praying for you. Give the kids a hug for me. Love you!!!

  12. A few days after my diagnosis, I had many terrible thoughts. Random thoughts, like...."OH NO! I just bought 2 new bras!"
    And, my sense of humor to some would appear macabre and off the wall. But I love it.
    I'm still going to have a T-shirt made:
    Yes, they're fake (@) (@) the old ones tried to kill me!
    Keep looking up and pressing on. May God continue to use you to encourage all of us.