Tuesday, January 11, 2011

God's Provision

Over the past few days I have really had some moments of being overwhelmed in a good way. I have had so many "close calls" within this journey with the cancer being aggressive, catching it just in time, having an allergic reaction last week to meds (Not that I am trying to be dramatic) people have been saying how strong I am, etc. but I want to give credit where credit is due. Although it has been pretty scary at times, I really see how God is showing us that it really is in his control and he is GOOD! Everything has fallen into place and I feel so fortunate to have been in the care that I have and that every detail has worked out for our benefit. I have really been brought to tears thinking of how fortunate I am that everything has gone as smoothly as it has. I have a very treatable cancer. It was caught early. I have great traditional and alternative care. I have amazing people in my life. I have a wonderful and supportive husband who has carried me. I can go on and on. Blessings are just pouring down!

Like I mentioned earlier, last week I had an allergic reaction right at the beginning of my infusion to the anti-nausea medicine. It was very scary. I felt like I was having a heart attack. The nurses were amazing, in no time they were pumping Benedryl into me and then within minutes everything calmed down. It was scary to have to continue with the rest of the treatments, but I just handed it over  and said "Jesus, please take care of this" of course everything worked out fine. The thing that was most amazing about this allergic reaction experience was that the first thing I thought was "Why God, isn't everything else enough? Can't I just get through the rest of this without a hitch?" Later that night as I was lying awake I realized how God's is really "holding me in his giant hand" like my friend Hannah said. I was supposed to pre-medicate at home with the medicine that I reacted to at treatment. The doctor's office called me and told me not to take it because they could just give me what I needed at treatment.

All along people have been praying for us and that things would go smoothly. People have been praying for protection over me and that I would be able to get through this smooth sailing. I really believe that God protected me from taking that medicine at home alone with three kids. I was in an environment where I had great care right away to take care of the problem. Yes, it was scary, and I wish it didn't happen, just like this diagnosis. Isn't it true though that sometimes we have to go through these trials to really see how blessed we are? Life is so much sweeter knowing that God has brought me through this and can bring us through so much more! I love that we serve the God of the impossible and that He takes pleasure in guiding us on our journeys! I continue to be amazed at how God is providing me with the energy and strength during chemo. Really, I have felt a little tired here and there, but other than that, fine. I have been able to keep up with the kids, do our school work, housekeeping, etc because I ask God everyday to give me the strength that only He can provide and I can't do it alone! He is faithful! I have been feeling pretty good. I know it may get harder as treatments go on, but I am counting each day that seems "normal" I as a blessing. Thanks again for checking in and for all of your prayers!


  1. It is so good to hear how well you are doing. I ask Pat about you often. She told me about your allergic reaction and I was thankful it was just anti medics and not your chemo that you reacted to. Fate had you take it while under good care. During my time at Hemoc, I ran into patients that couldn't take Herceptin or Taxol for various reasons.

    I love to hear how much energy you have for your beautiful children. I will pray for continued success. There is a strong light at the end of your tunnel. Check off each treatment as being one step closer to being done. It feels good to finish!!!

  2. see you wednesday

  3. Beth- I can't wait to look back on this! In the meantime I am so thankful that I am getting off pretty easy. My friend reacted to her chemo the day after I reacted. Not sure what they are doing. They told me today that the last two hurdles to overcome are not reacting to chemo and avoiding numbness and tingling because they might have to lower the dose and stretch treatment. Thanks for your supportive words! You are an inspiration!!

  4. I thought of you today....I had a client this morning tell me of a doctor he knows whose philosphy is a great one. He states, "I deliver the medicine, but God delivers the healing"!
    I am so glad to hear your faith is stronger than ever. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. <><

  5. Hope all is well with you neighbor. We are now going through an episode of croup. Hopefully, we will be well soon and see you soon. Love,Pat

  6. Allison,

    Your optimism and gratitude and positivity amaze me.

    I love to hear how you conquer every obstacle in your path with grace and hope.

    I wish I were more like you!


  7. Hey neighbors,
    Get ready for the big snow storm. We'll have to dig tunnels according to many. HOpe all is well.